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Take a breathtaking ride down the Alaska’s Most Scenic Highway to view awe-inspiring stops along Turnagain Arm.

Person Ages 5+

When you just want to see Alaska’s Most Scenic Highway!

Take a breathtaking ride down the Seward Highway to view awe-inspiring stops along Turnagain Arm.

Alaska’s Seward Highway climbs over mountain passes where you’re surrounded by jaw-dropping views of jagged peaks, rain forests, crystal lakes and the Pacific Ocean—this highway is a photographer’s dream. Potter Marsh marks the end of city views and the beginning of wilderness— it is truly a birder’s paradise. While driving along this road, we stop at many stops with ample time to take in the breathtaking views.


Beluga Point: Popular photo stop with panoramic views of Turnagain Arm. Possible opportunities to see Dall sheep and Beluga whales.

Portage Valley: Enjoy a meal at Portage Day Lodge and enjoy stunning hiking trails like the Trail of Blue Ice and Byron Glacier Trail. You can also rent a bicycle for a relaxing tour of the Valley. Other activities include taking the one-hour cruise on Portage Lake up to the face of Portage Glacier and discovering the geology and natural history of Portage Valley at the Begich Boggs Visitor Center.

Potter Marsh: With its nearly panoramic view of Turnagain arm, Potter Marsh, buffered by spruce, cottonwoods and alders, is one of the most accessible and scenic wildlife viewing areas in Anchorage. About halfway along the boardwalk, Rabbit Creek flows underneath and provides a good spot to see spawning chinook, coho, or humpback salmon from May to August, depending on the species. Moose also frequent the marsh year round. May and June are good times to see these large ungulates standing in the marsh foraging for new growth.