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Adult Ages 5+

Unforgettable Glacier Cruise!

Take an unforgettable glacier cruise right up to the face of a glacier, just 50 miles south of Anchorage. Motor to within 300 feet of the mammoth wall of ice called Portage Glacier. Listen for the unmistakable rumbling of a calving glacier, waiting for the movement when a huge block of ice crashes into the lake.

You will enjoy a one-hour stroll on your own at the 140-acre Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Jaws drop in awe-even while viewing Alaska’s wildlife up close and personal. AWCC’s mission is to provide refuge for orphaned, injured and ill animals-those that can’t survive in the wild. We make every effort to time this tour so that all customers will enjoy the bear feeding!

Turnagain Arm is a “Must See destination” via The Turnagain Arm Shuttle.