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Anchorage All Around
a 4 hour Scenic City Tour

Visit Anchorageaa

This tour is designed to give the transportation challenged tourist opportunity to see the outskirts of Anchorage at a reasonable price.

Anchorage is the single largest sprawling metropolitan city in Alaska. On the Anchorage All Around City Tour we have combined the hard to reach sought after attractions that are located on the furthest corners of Anchorage. This leaves you the ability to leisurely access city center tourist attractions by simply following a walking tour map.

Our driver is always happy to offer suggestions of sights or other tours not to miss.

Alaska’s Finest Tours has just made seeing the city a truly welcoming experience with a licensed Alaskan Native guide. You will hear about Alaska Native culture from a true Native who sits on the Tribal Council and hear about the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) and how Natives have prospered, as well as the rich cultural and economic history of Alaska. This tour gives you the best of Anchorage at a reasonable cost.

Tour Includes: Most of Anchorage’s popular sites in town

Alaska Wild Berry Products, Ship Creek, Earthquake Park, Point Woronzof, University of Alaska, the Ulu Factory, even the Alaska Native Hospital where you will see one of Alaska’s largest collection of Native Art.

Ship Creek

Located on the out skirts of the city center of Anchorage, Ship Creek is one of the only places you can view urban combat fishing. There are two main salmon runs on Ship Creek, a King Salmon run from early June until the season closure on July 15th and a Silver Salmon run that starts in very late July and runs until late October. The run peaks in late July through August. There is fantastic fish watching from the platforms around the creek.

Ship Creek

At ship creek salmon runs are sighted in mid to late summer and urban combat fishing is abundant. Urban combat is when fisher persons stand side by side competing to catch the big one...

They are most common during salmon runs in mid to late summer. Viewers may encounter one of Anchorage's resident moose along the road after all this is one of the most reliable spots in the city to find a moose. Along the way you will see Earthquake Park and the busiest seaplane base in the world, Lake Hood.

Alaska's 20-Foot Chocolate Waterfall

World’s Largest Chocolate Water Fall! The falls incorporates over 3000 pounds of chocolate

At Alaska Wild Berry Products you will see the World’s Largest Chocolate Water Fall! The falls incorporates over 3000 pounds of chocolate, authentic copper candy kettles, and a specially built warming and mixing system. The chocolate gushes out of the fountain head, cascades down the kettles, then settles in the swirling chocolate pool. And by the way, if you're tempted by the luscious smell to sample some of the flowing melted candy, please don't. The chocolate waterfall is for your visual enjoyment only. The store has plenty of delicious chocolate at the candy counter to your left. And you can sample before you buy.

The falls incorporates over 3000 pounds of chocolate

Alaska Native Medical

get a true flavor of Alaska’s rich Native history

Alaska Native Heritage

Visit the Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC) – Ok, so if you're not native, you might think you would have no reason to visit ANMC, but you'd be wrong. At this hospital you will see one of the largest collection of Native Art from all around Alaska that represents over 227 federally recognized tribes in Alaska and rivals anything you will see in a museum. In fact, the collection is probably better.

Here you will get a true flavor of Alaska’s rich Native history and learn about ANCSA. There's also a Native craft gift shop that will make you drool... They only mark up the art by 20 percent unlike the 150 percent markup you find downtown. And if you choose to purchase, wouldn't you feel good knowing that the proceeds from your purchase go to improve healthcare? Yeah, we thought so. Often there are Native Artisans on-sight selling their wares and even Native foods.The hospital caters to the Native Alaska population and offers free, or virtually free, culturally appropriate care. Trust me when I tell you that's no small feat when you stop to consider that Alaska is the home to 13 Native ethnic groups with a host of languages and cultural differences to consider.

The ULU Factory

The Ulu Knife was their main cutting tool. It was originally made from flat, thin, rocks, slate, or even jade. Handles were fashioned out of wood, ivory, or bone and often decorated with distinctive markings of the craftsman

Is a truly interesting experience at Alaska’s most unique manufacturing facility. Alaska is a vast area, full of history and tradition. The history is colorful; it’s the story of what used to be, but the traditions of the past live on in many forms. The Eskimos lived from the land, and everything they ate, wore, lived in, or traveled on had to be fashioned from nature. Of all the innovative tools that came from the Eskimo culture, one is the foremost: the Alaska Ulu Knife. The Ulu Knife was their main cutting tool. It was originally made from flat, thin, rocks, slate, or even jade. Handles were fashioned out of wood, ivory, or bone and often decorated with distinctive markings of the craftsman.

This is an especially nice piece that archaeologists estimate to be well over 3000 years old. There is a decorative ivory handle and a slate blade that is still sharp enough to be used. Many of the ancient Ulus can be seen in museums and private collections such as the ones here in the Ulu Factory. Some of the ancient pieces found deep in the permafrost still have prehistoric feathers and animal fat attached to them.

Watch the knives being made:The blade and handle assembled and packaged.

A staff member will be happy to take you on a personal tour. The Ulu is still used traditionally, especially when the salmon are abundant in the summer. Not only natives, but people around the world rely on the Ulu for everyday cutting.

Point Woronzof

At Point Woronzof see stunning views of Anchorage and a possible glimpse of Mount McKinley or if you really want to be proper, call it “Denali” like the Natives do! Denali means the great one in Athabaskan. Point Woronzof, provides scenic views of Cook Inlet and is a great place to watch and look for bald eagles, ravens, bank swallows, and moose. You may also see beluga whales from this high vantage point.

Point woronzof

stunning views of Anchorage and a possible glimpse of Mount McKinley

Visitors may want to try to fish the creek after the tour an hour or two. It’s easy to rent poles, get a license and all the gear you need right at the creek.Lastly we can drop you off downtown where you can enjoy walking around the city, the museum, rent a bike, visit the visitor’s center, take in the Earthquake movie to learn about Anchorage‘s devastating 9.2 earthquake or enjoy one of Anchorage’s fine restaurants. If you’re ready we will also be happy to drop you off at your hotel. In any case, you will have learned about all the sights that Anchorage has to offer and can plan your remaining days accordingly.

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Note: Customers wanting to visit the Alaska Native Hospital Gift Shop should note that the shop is run by volunteers and closes at 2 p.m. daily and does not operate Saturday or Sunday. All Native art is authentic and only marked up by 20 percent and proceeds go to hospital charities. Most customers find this to be the highlight of the tour since Native artwork in other gift shops are generally marked up by as much as 150 percent.

See the whole city and enjoy maximum city sightseeing with our Anchorage All Around City Tour.

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